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Indoor Representative Training Schedule - 18 October
Below is the representative Indoor Representative Training Schedule for Sunday 18th October at Minto Indoor Sports Centre, 9 Redfern Road, Minto:
U/13 Boys 10:00 to 11:30
U/18 Boys 11:00 to 12:30
Open Men 11:30 to 1:00
U/18 Girls 1:00 to 2:00
U/13 Girls 12:30 to 2:00
Players interested in playing indoor reps but unable to attend this Sunday please advise your age group coach or Wayne Southwell (
2015 - Macarthur Competiton Results
Association Club Champions
Association Club Champions: Harrington Park


Age/Grade Premiers Best & Fairest Player
Under 11 Junor Mounties Hayden Mosley - Ingleburn Bulldogs
Under 13 Girls Campbelltown City Lauren Rowe - Campbelltown City
Under 13 Junior Wests Lauren Rowe - Campbelltown City
Under 15 Girls Skollies Samantha Gimbert - Macarthur Skylarks
Under 15 Junior Mounties Jared Flanagan - Western Suburbs
Under 18 Girls Harrington Park Brittany Rasmussen - Western Suburbs
Under 18 Boys Ingleburn-Harrington Park Dylan Pardy - Macarthur Skylarks
Junior Club Champions: Harrington Park


Age/Grade Premiers Best & Fairest Player
A Grade Harrington Park Emma Cairnduff - Mounties
Kathryn Smith - Western Suburbs
B Grade Camden Clare Johnson - Oran Park
C Grade Mounties Lisa Andrews - Ingleburn Bulldogs
Ladies Club Champions: Harrington Park


Age/Grade Premiers Best & Fairest Player
1st Grade Macarthur Skylarks Toby Ferguson - Western Suburbs
2nd Grade Wests Blue Aaron Channell - Macarthur Skylarks
3rd Grade Easts Simon Milner - Macarthur Skylarks
Darren Parker - Harrington Park
Men's Club Champions: Macarthur Skylarks
SWSAS - 2015-2016 Hockey Scholarship Program
South West Sydney Academy of Sport
2015-2016 Hockey Scholarship Program

Nominations are now open for the SWSAS 2015/2016 Hockey Program.
Selection Trials - TBC
Athletes will also be required to attend a talent ID day held by Hockey NSW on the 26th September- Cintra Concord.
More details to follow.
Nominations close 5pm Sunday 13 September 2015.
Download Nomination form here (141kb).
Macarthur Competition Results
Macarthur Competition results at Narellan can be found here.
Championship Points can be found here.
2015 Season - at Narellan
The 2015 Winter Season at Narellan commences Friday 20; Saturday 21; Sunday 22 March.
The Grand Finals are set for Friday 18; Saturday 19; Sunday 20 September.
Known Team Numbers here.
On-line Registration
Clubs are now accepting registrations on-line.
All players will now have to register on-line (and pay Hockey NSW Fees on-line); this has been mandated by Hockey NSW.
Some clubs may request you pay Metropolitan South West Hockey Association Affiliation Fees as well as relevant Competition Fees, but not all.
Register on-line here:
Camden Womens
Campbelltown City
Campbelltown Collegians
Harrington Park
Ingleburn Bulldogs
Macarthur Skylarks
Macquarie Fields
Moorebank Liverpool
Oran Park
St Andrews Womens
Understanding Fees
As a result of the merger of the Association the Fee Structure has changed:
  • HNSW Affiliation and Insurance Fees: payable by all affiliated players on-line and incurs a 4.4% IMG Administration Fee.
  • MSWHA Affiliation Fees: payable by all affiliated players (this may incurs a 4.4% IMG Administration Fee if paid on-line. Payable by all players playing in the Macarthur (Narellan) Competition, Moorebank Women's Competition; Moorebank players playing in the Sydney Junior or Mens Competition. (This also includes an additional HNSW Affiliation fee of $8.25 charged to the Association) NEW Under 9 players get a Starter Pack including Stick, Shin Pads, Stick, Ball & Bag valued at over $20.00 (jointly funded by Hemingway Sports). This fee is an administrative cost mostly towards running the association.
  • Competition Fees: Each Competition will have their own Fee, depending on their costs for such things as trophies.
  • Turf Fees: is dependent on where matches are played and are payable to the facility being utilized.
  • Umpire Fees: is dependent on the competition and are payable depending on the competition being played.
New Association Name
At the 2014 Annual General Meeting 2 very important resolutions were passed:
  • Change the name of the Association to Metropolitan South West Hockey Association
  • Change the Constitution of the Association to reflect changes in the Association

Changes to this website will be completed as time permits.
In September 2013 Hockey NSW directed that certain Associations be reformed to reflect certain minimum requirements. As a result Macarthur Hockey Association, Campbelltown City Hockey Association & Moorebank Liverpool District Hockey Club were required to be merged as a single identity..
As a result Metropolitan South West Hockey Association was formed. The working group implementing this decided the easiest way was to rename Macarthur Hockey Association, change the rules and to include member clubs under certain criteria.
Players playing in competitions in 2014 will see no changes in their competitions into 2015.
The Board will over the coming months be making minor changes to the ways some things are handled.
Control of Children
Some children have been left to their own devices and the change rooms were left in a mess by - clubs and parents should ensure that players with children leave them under the supervision of a suitable adult at all times.
Complex Rules
Complex Rules and Code of behaviour are expected to be adhered to by all visitors. The rules can be found here.
Mouth-Guards & Shin-Pads
Mouth-Guards and Shin-Pads are compulsory for all players.
All players must wear properly fitted mouth-guards and shin-pads in all competition and training environments.
It is further recommended that mouth-guards should be fitted in accordance with guidelines from the Australian Dental Association.
Those adults who have a valid medical reason must produce an official medical certificate on an official letterhead, stating they can not wear a mouth-guard due to their medical condition, and complete a Player Agreement Waiver (available here) and have it signed by their Club Secretary as well as either the VP - Operations or Association Secretary. The player must then present the form and Doctor's Certificate for each match.
Smoking Ban
Smoking is is now banned inside the confines of the hockey complex at all times.
Pet Ban
All pets are now banned from the confines of the hockey complex at all times.
Macarthur Minkey Rules
Minkey Rules can be found here.
All meeting and other events can now be found here.
Members Benefit Fund
Macarthur Hockey Association Board established the Members Benefit Fund.
Amongst the limitations are:
  • This fund will be used to assist members who will be participating in State and National Teams, within certain criteria.
  • The budget is from carnivals the association runs, with the help of members, and is limited each year to the profits from carnivals.
  • The applicant must be registered in the association from 1st October to 30th September, and may not carry from previous year.
More details here (31kb)
Members should apply to the board in writing
Player Recruitment Scheme
Macarthur Hockey Association Board has created the 2008 Player Recruitment Scheme for Clubs in it's budget.
Basically, for each 10 players (not part thereof) that a club picks up on top of the number of players that played in the previous year the club will receive $500.00
By the first weekend in June (inclusive) a club must::
  • The club must register players, with all details, to the relevant Records Officer.
  • Each new and previous player must have played at least 3 matches to be counted.
  • All fees payable by that date by the club should have been paid.
  • The new players must not have been registered with or played with a club in the Macarthur Competition for at least 3 years.
  • The players need not play in the same team.
Use Of Complex
Recently, clubs and representative teams have been slack with regards to bookings of the field.
Not only can this cause friction when authorised groups show up, it also leaves the people organising such use of the field with insurance and legal issues. To be plain if you are not booked in you are not insured and the person in charge is personally liable for improper use of the facilities.
Anyone found to be using the fields without a prior booking will be charged amount equal to the amount of field time used (taking into account minimum charges).
Bookings are to be made through the Booking Officer: Frank Lauc.
Spectator Behaviour
Parents and spectators are reminded that umpires and players should be shown respect, courtesy and applauded for their efforts. They should not be treated in any negative manner nor criticised for mistakes or perceived errors.
Many spectators have a spectacular ignorance of the actual rules but still feel that they can criticise an umpire from the anonymity of the side line. Some of these young umpires are doing an excellent job and of course will make mistakes just as players do, but they are out there doing a tough job.
Any individual willing to criticise should get off their backsides and start umpiring themselves to help the association.This might give them a better insight to umpiring and at least a thorough knowledge of the rules.
Risk Warning
Risk Warning Under Section 5M of The Civil Liability Act 2002
  • Macarthur Hockey Association & Hockey NSW administers and convenes hockey activities in which many students, parents, spectators, convenors, umpires and others participate.
  • Macarthur Hockey Association expects all participants in Macarthur Hockey Association & Hockey NSW events to take responsibility for their own safety by observing instructions, rules and guidelines, by wearing compulsory safety equipment when applicable and by behaving in a safe and responsible manner towards other participants, officials, property and grounds.
  • While Macarthur Hockey Association takes measures to make the sporting activities as safe as possible for all participants, there is a risk that those involved may be injured and suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their participation in these hockey activities, whether at training or in actual events.
  • Injury can occur while the participant is engaging in, watching or officiating at a hockey activity, or traveling to and from the event. The injury may result from the participant's actions or the actions of others.
  • On some occasions, an injury can be serious (such as torn ligaments, dislocations, back injuries, concussion or broken bones). In very rare cases the injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability. If a participant has a pre-existing injury, participating in a sporting activity could result in an exacerbation of that injury.
  • Participants could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.